My little company came about because of a costly habit that I had for certain luxury brands of candles that I had developed as a Male Model Agent,  and a desire to have candles that I could use daily throughout my home without my husband having a polite word about how much I spent!

Much to my surprise, I was given a candle making course as a gift which, if I'm honest, I rather begrudgingly went to, but within about half an hour I had fallen in love with candle making. It was, however, very basic and I knew that if I wanted the sort of candle I loved to have in my homes in London and Wiltshire, I was going to have to take it to the next level.

The key for me was to use traditional artisan skills that I have developed over the last couple of years and to make a candle using only the best materials. Each candle is individually blended and hand poured by me so that its fragrance lasts throughout, enabling the scent to fill your room. Not a machine in sight.

It has been very important for me to use British companies at every stage of the process. All the illustrations are done by a wonderful artist friend of mine and all the graphics by friends who have a bespoke printers in Wiltshire. Ribbons come from one of my favourite shops in London, V V Rouleaux, and all the boxes and labels are made by small British companies.

Whilst creating my candles I have developed a technique where, by layering the fragranced wax I am able to create a multi sensory effect, as the wax melts it releases all the different scents into your room so you are able to experience fragrance as if being brought in by a breeze.

Whilst developing my candles, diffusers and room mist it has become clear to me that they seemed to be going into two categories, those scents that where reminiscent of my home in Wiltshire and my childhood and those scents that seemed to be completely inspired by all my favourite cities. With this in mind I have two collections CITYSIDE and COUNTRYSIDE.

I have come to realise that there are a lot of us scent-lovers out there who have a passion for fragranced candles and diffusers and the environment they create. I firmly believe that you absolutely can have a luxury artisan candle, with a beautiful fragrance that runs throughout but which is also affordable. I was so surprised how many people I knew that said they loved receiving candles as a gift because they no longer felt justified in spending almost £50 on themselves. I really hope my candles will change all that.

With love,
Kim Todd